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How This Works

As a member of our affiliate team, you have the opportunity to earn money while helping others save money. The Oh Baby Nutrition Guides empower women to nourish themselves and their families with knowledge and confidence!

Simply share your personal promo code with your friends, family or followers, and you'll receive a commission on all sales made with your code.    


Commission is paid at the beginning of every month from all sales made the previous month. Payment is sent via e-transfer to the email address provided when you signed up to join as an affiliate. If you would like to use a different email, please contact us using the form below. You will not be contacted if there have been no sales processed using your code.

Expand your reach  

The more you share, the more opportunity you have to earn money while helping other women thrive! Some ideas...

Write a blog post

Feature an Oh Baby guide, or include one of our guides in a round up post, such as:

  • “5 Must Haves For Feeding Baby”
  • “My Favorite Products For Pregnancy”

You can also contact different bloggers to write an informative guest post for them using your promo code. Bloggers are often looking for interesting new content and it's a great way to reach a new audience.

Share on social media

Let your friends and followers know about the incredibly informative Oh Baby guides on your Facebook page, any Facebook groups you belong to, an Instagram post or story, or any other platform you have. 

Make sure to tag @ohbabynutrition, #ohbabynutrition. 

Mommy support groups

Share in any online or in-person mommy support groups that you have access to. 

Pre/postnatal fitness classes

Or anywhere that new mothers and mothers-to-be gather.


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