The Fundamentals

free 7 day nutrition challenge


Making drastic dietary changes all at once can feel overwhelming and be difficult to maintain. Attempting to make healthy changes can also quickly lead to feelings of deprivation if your primary focus is just on eliminating certain foods. This free nutrition challenge guides you through mindfully building a foundation of lasting healthy habits, one at a time. So you can stop focusing on restricting and start focusing on nourishing.    

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What you get...

7 new healthy habits.

You will receive one fundamental healthy habit to incorporate, each day for 7 days. All you have to do is simply implement that day's habit and keep it up until the end of the challenge, and in 7 days you will have easily adopted 7 new healthy habits. Each daily email is filled with recipes and support to nourish your body and ensure your success.

Take the challenge, make a change.

It's free!



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