Work with carley

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I focus on all aspects of a your health & wellness. We can work together to enhance fertility, nourish pregnancy, replenish postpartum, enrich motherhood, feed babies with confidence, strengthen reproductive health, and support general health. With the vast array of contributing factors to consider, your path to personal wellness will be as unique as you are. Become empowered with the knowledge necessary to make important decisions about your health that feel right for you. Through one-on-one consulting, I’ll support you with the tools to thrive during your childbearing years with confidence. 

My Real Food Philosophy: Eat real food. Real food is not gimmicky, it's whole and unprocessed. I believe in foods that are naturally grown, raised and prepared, in the same ways that ancestral cultures did to maximize nutrient density. By combining the wisdom of traditional cultures with the findings of modern science, I can help you understand what your body truly needs and show you how to instill healthy habits that will last a lifetime.